Volume 2020

TITLEPublication Number
A Study On The Effect Of Varying Pressure And Distance On Material Hardening In INTI Plasma Focus Machine
Arwinder Singh, Teh Thiam Oun, Goh Eng Hoe, Saw Sor Heoh and Lee Sing            
Numerical Experimentation To Obtain The Scaling Laws of Mather Type Dense Plasma Focus Machines Working In Argon Gas
Arwinder Singh, Saw Sor Heoh and Lee Sing
Effects of Soil Type On The Growth Of Polytrichum Commune
Ong Ghim Hock, Mervin Boey Jia Ye and Cheng Wan Yee
Antibiogram Patterns Of Staphylococci Isolated From the Nasal and Axilla Of Healthy Individuals In Nilai
Lalita Ambiga Sivasamugham, Lee Yuet Huan and Geetha Subramaniam
Research On E-Commerce Talents Training In Higher Vocational Education Under New Business Background
Junhai Wang and Gangqiang Zheng
Ensemble Learning Boosting Model Of Improving Classification And Predicting
Bambang Siswoyo A., Nanna Suryana B. and D.A. Dewi C.
Barriers to RFID Adoption In Material Management Of Construction Industry: The Perception Of Project Manager
Chen Xiao Wen and Nurul Aini Osman
Cloud Based Heartbeat Rate Monitoring System with Location Tracking
Malathy Batumalay, Hong Shu Ming and Deshinta Arrova Dewi
Analysis Of The Application Of Tea Culture Experiential Courses In Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language
Jing Tang
Agriculture Ecosystem In China: A Case-Based Practitioner's Perspective
Haoming Liu, Haolin Wang, Lijian Qin, Yajie Hao and Guoxin Ma
China's Indigenous Social Rural Pension: Building Ground Work For Future Research
Jingjing Wang, Haolin Wang, Xiangqian Yang, Yajie Hao and Guoxin Ma
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual Model
Wong Teik Aun, Bustami Mohammad Reevany, Ong Tze Chin and Ow Yong Mun Geet
Bengbu City's Parking: A Policy (Re)Design Project
Xiangqian Yang, Haolin Wang, JingJing Wang, Huaming Wu and Guoxin Ma
A Potential Study Of Automation System In Industrialised Building System (IBS) In Enhancing Malaysian Construction Industry's Performance
Siti Azira Abd Rahim, Mohd Amir Shazwan Hashim and Wong Sook Shen
Market Basket Analysis For E-Commerce Using Association Rule Mining
Kayalvily Tabianan, Sarasvathi Nagalingham and Leong Kai Cheng
Numerical Simulation of Micro Gravitational Hydro-Turbine For Alternative Renewable Energy Resources In Rural Area
Muhammad Fikri Musthapa, Azfarizal Mukhtar, Mohamad Fariz Mohamad Nasir, Ahmad Faiz Tharima
The Potential Of Implementing Smart Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) To Minimize Work Related Injuries In Construction Sites
Benny Lee Hai Chim, Chang Yee Ting, Fo Kee Wah and Kong Sio Kah
A Review Of Challenges In Hydraulic Fracturing Operation
S.A.Al Jabri and Girma T.Chala
Optimization Treatment of Palm Kernel Cake For The Production Of Bioadhesive for Plywood
Cheng Wan Hee, Wong Ling Shing and Lee Xin Wei
A Malaysian Outcome-Based Engineering Education Model: The Implementation and Challenges in Future
Sam Man Keong, Soong Cai Juan and Kok Ching Wen
Sentiment Analytics for Monitoring and Analyzing Fan Page Posts
Harprith Kaur, Deshinta Arrova Dewi and Lee Wen Yi