Volume 2019

TITLEPublication Number
Online Brand Image, Luxury Value Perception and Brand Equity
Wang Fei, Wong Chee Hoo, Alex Hou Hong Ng, Lim Kim Yew
Integrated Reporting: A New Paradigm for Corporate Reporting
Niaz Mohammad, Rashedul Hasan       
Employee Turnover in the Hospitality Industry: A Case Study in the Western Province of Zambia
Mundia Mukumbuta, Alex Ng Hou Hong, Lim Kim Yew, Wong Chee Hoo
The Influence of Electronic Word of Mouth in Social Media on Generation Z' Purchase Intentions: A Review 
Alex Ng Hou Hong, Abdulla Saleem Haroon, Lim Kim Yew, Wong Chee Hoo
Factor Affecting Purchase Intention of Health Supplement in Malaysia
Tan Ying Ling, Wong Chee Hoo, Alex Hou Hong Ng, Lim Kim Yew 
A Study of Blended Learning in Higher Learning Education: Implementation and Challenges in 21st Century
Sam Man Keong, Soong Cai Juan
Evaluating Readiness in Using Mobile devices for Educational Purposes among Educators and Students
Khan M.M.H., R.JeyaGopi         
Predictive Modeling for Student Performance Data Using Decision Tree and Support Vector Machine
Maryam Khanian Najafabdi, Sarasvathi Nagalingham, Sayed Mojtaba Tabibian
Investigation of AISI Steel Vickers Hardness and Nitrogen Ion Beam Energy of a 3 kJ Plasma Focus
Arwinder Singh, Teh Thiam Oun, Manmeshpal Singh, Saw Sor Heoh, Lee Sing
Assessing the BM Software Application in Quantity Surveying Practice - Nurul Aini Osman, Suhaida S.K., Nadeera Abdul RazakVol.2019:010
Factors Affecting the Selection of the Procurement Methods for Construction Projects in Malaysia - Yap Zhi Shan, Kong Sio Kah, Benny Lee Hai ChimVol.2019:011
Perceptions of Female Adolescents on Job as Skilled Labour in the Construction Industry of Malaysia - Masidah Abdul Majid, Wardah Fatimah Mohammad Yusoff, Abdul Razak Sapian Vol.2019:012
Design and Development of a 2 Degree of Freedom 3D Printed Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm to Sustain High Load for Amputees - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Sunder Raj a/l Sundara Murthy, Choo Wou Onn, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:013
A Study on the Development of the Make-shift Heat Pump for Refugee Camp: A Case Study of Borneo State, Nigeria - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Vinod Krishnan a/l K Arvindra Dass, Hazran Husain, Choo Wou Onn, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:014 
Study on Heat-Induced-Shape-Shifting-Memory Alloy on Motorcycle Body Panel - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Esmail Rageh Saad Al-Jaberi, Usman Shahid, Muhammad Hussain Ismail, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:015 
A Study on Slot Design of Motorcycle Windshield to Improve Aerodynamic Features - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Tang Peng Rhu, Rizal Effendy Mohd Nasir, Hazran Husain, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:016
The Development of an Aftermarket Intercooler Spray for Turbocharged Vehicles using Water - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Sathurshan Suresh, Shaheerthana Suresh, Yuli Panca Asmara, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:017 
Power Generation from Industrial Wastewater using Microbial Fuel Cell - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Muhammad Bilal Chaudhry, Baveendra Kumar a/l Premakumar, Gerald Victor Richard Joseph, Girma Tadesse Chala Vol.2019:018 
Design and Analysis of the Suspension Upright Structure of a Formula SAE CCar - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Vong Ratanakvisal, Lim Jin Wei, Amir Radzi Ab.Ghani, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:019
A Short Review on Factors that Impact the Backpressure of Exhaust Manifold of Spark Ignition Engine - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Rishan Murali, Lim Jin Wei, Mohd Amir Shazwan Hashim, Girma Tadesse Chala, Chai Chuan Ern Vol.2019:020
Capturing the Fire Whirls Heights and Rotational Speed by High Speed Camera - Chuah Keng Hoo, Wang Xiao Meng, Yap Neng Yi, Cheong Shi WeiVol.2019:021
Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Associated Risk Factors among Selected Factory Workers in Penang, Malaysia - Lim Mei Qi, Vinodhkumar Ramalingam Vol.2019:022
Prevalence of Overweight and Associated Risk Factors in Primary School Children in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan - Kimberly Yong Wen Min, Ambusam Subramaniam, Sivaguru Muthusamy, Vinosh Kumar PurushothamanVol.2019:023 
Prevalence of Work-Related Neck and Shoulder Disorders with Associated Risk Factors and Disability among Primary School Teachers in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia - Kee, W.J., Ambusuam S., Labao, H.C. and Brown, J. Vol.2019:024 
A review on the Herbs combination for phlegm disease treatment according to Dan Xi Xin Fa - Leong Wen Jun, Leong May Ho, Heng Aik Teng, Wong Ling ShingVol.2019:025
Digital Physiotherapy Intervention in Health Care Delivery– A Narrative Review - Rajkumar Krishnan Vasanthi, Yughdtheswari Muniandy, Kaanmalar AsoghanVol.2019:026
Vision System for Item Recognition: Case Study Computer Peripherals - Yap Choi Sen and Ong Tun JieVol.2019:027
Expert System of Heart Attack Prediction - Kayalvily A/P Tabianan, Chew Lian Wei, Deshinta Arrova DewiVol.2019:028
QR-code based E-wallet System using Android platform - Kayalvily A/P Tabianan, Siti Qalillah Adawiah Binti Abdul Rahman, Dr.Deshinta Arrova DewiVol.2019:029 
Monitoring Unusual Activity Using Remote-Controlled Computer and Android Based Application - Chitra Batumalai, Raheel Jilani and Malathy BatumalayVol.2019:030 
Smart Lighting System for Library Using IoT Technology - Chitra Batumalai, Xin Rou Kong, Malathy Batumalay    Vol.2019:031 
Mobile-Based Digital Car Plate Number for Future Automotive Industry - Malathy Batumalay, Linesh Raj Kumar Chandran, Chitra Batumalai, Deshinta Arrova DewiVol.2019:032
Study and Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) Based on Rainwater Sensor Using Arduino through Mobile Application - Malathy Batumalay, Rubinyaa a/p Sekar, Chitra BatumalaiVol.2019:033
A Review of Data Analytics Adoption in Business Industry - Chong Fong Kim and Deshinta Arrova DewiVol.2019:034 
Implementation of Pharmaceutical Drug Traceability Using Blockchain Technology - Mohana Muniandy and Gabriel Ong Tze Ern Vol.2019:035
Study and Implementation of Data Mining in Urban Gardening - Muhana Muniandy and Lee Eu VernVol.2019:036
Cross-Platform Personal Life Management App Using Data Analytics - Mohana Muniandy and Alex Heng Kong YewVol.2019:037 
Integrated Car Park System for Smart Parking Solution - Harprith Kaur Randhawa, Deshinta Arrova Dewi and Nirmal Kumar KarmaniVol.2019:038
The Characterizations and Studies of Chemical Bath Deposited Ni3Pb2S2 Thin Films for Solar Cell - Ho Soon MinVol.2019:039
Pollutants Removal from Contaminated Water using Agricultural Tea Waste (Camellia Sinensis) -  Wen-Pei Low, Fung-Lung Chang, Jia-Min SiowVol.2019:040
The Impacts of Integrating Real World Employer-Relations Project in the Classroom Activities and Assessments: A Case Study - Intan Syafinaz Mohmad Rozee, Nadia Athirah JamaludinVol.2019:041
Factors affecting the Staff Turnover Intention: A Case study of a Malaysian Steel Manufacturing Company - Alex Hou Hong Ng, Woo Wing Nan, Lim Kim Yew, Wong Chee HooVol.2019:042
The Tourist Satisfaction Based On The Service Quality Of Tourism In Guizhou, China - Lim Kim Yew, Gong Wen, Wong Chee Foo, Alex Hou Hong Ng, Jia Simeng, Tan Owee KowangVol.2019:043
Social Media Factors and Purchase Intention of Beauty Products in Mauritius - Lim Kim Yew, Maysoon Hanaa Mohamodhossen, Wong Chee Hoo, Alex Hou Hong Ng, Tan Owee KowangVol.2019:044
Local Films or Hollywood Films: Malaysian's Preferences - Sriganeshvarun Nagaraj, Abdul Aziz Bin Mohd Mustafa Vol.2019:045
Impact Of Work Experience, Interpersonal Relationship And Employee’s Capability On Work Stress Of Industrial Bank’s Employees In Zhengzhou, China - Yu-Jie XU, Dr.Syarifah Mastura Bt. Syed Abu BakarVol.2019:046
The Influence of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Retention in the Insurance Sector, Malaysia - Liew Xing, Syriac Nellikunnel DevasiaVol.2019:047
Acceptance of WeChat Pay among Consumers in Malaysia - Chua Jia Jia, Annie Wang Pei LingVol.2019:048
A Study of Fall from Height Accidents in High-rise Building Construction Sites in Selangor - Benny Lee Hai Chim, Liaw Zhi Ying and Kong Sio KahVol.2019:049
Investigation on Viability of Solar Panel Covered Carpark Project for Inti International University - Chih Yong Tan, Seyed Amirmostafa Jourabchi, Ng Hoon Kiat, Gan SuyinVol.2019:050
Investigation on transforming of a fixed gas analyser into a Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) - Choe Sathit, Seyed Amirmostafa Jourabchi, Ng Hoon Kiat, Gan SuyinVol.2019:051
Cost Overrun in Construction Projects in Malaysia: A Study on Contractor Related Factors - Norul Izzati M. Ashaari, Mohd Amir Shazwan Hashim, Yong Sheve HueyVol.2019:052 
The Effects of Dysmenorrhea to Lifestyle: A Case Study on Female Students in Malaysia - Chong Teek Foh, Ser Xin Ee, Ooi Lay Khuan, Wong Ling ShingVol.2019:053
Public Perception on the Risk of Diabetes Mellitus and the use of Mulberry Leaf Extract in Normalizing Blood Glucose Level - Nurul Syameera Aduka and Seng Yan NiVol.2019:054 
Predicting Temperature of Corrosion Scale Formation Carbon Steel in Oil and Gas Environment - Y.P.Asmara, Jeya Gopi Raman, A.G.E.SutjiptoVol.2019:055
The Strategic Elements and Performance of Chinese Publicly Listed Automotive Manufacturers: A Proposed Conceptual Framework - Fu Shanliang, Alex Ng Hou Hong, Lim Kim Yew, Wong Chee HooVol.2019:056
Factors Influencing Customer's Satisfaction towards Broadband Services - Li Dawei, Wong Chee Hoo, Lim Kim Yew, Alex Hou Hong NgVol.2019:057
Effect of Parathion Exposure Towards Green Microalgae Chlorella Vulgaris on the Changes of Physicochemical Parameters in Water - Cheng Wan Hee, Wong Ling Shing and Chong Kah ChiVol.2019:058
Antibacterial Effects of the Ethanolic Leave Extracts of Musa Paradisiaca, Musa Acuminata and Musa Sapientum against MRSE and MSSE-  Virusha Nimalan, Lalita Ambigai Sivasamugham, Geetha SubramaniamVol.2019:059
Antimicrobial Properties of Essential Oil Extracted from Azadirachta Indica Leaves on Common Skin Pathogens - Geetha Subramaniam, Nur Husnina Bazilah Rafeny and Lalita Ambigai SivasamughamVol.2019:060
Hole Concentration in GdBaSrCu­3-xZnxO7-δ System: Interplay among Superconductivity, Stripe Order and Pseudogap - Tet Vui Chong, Chiew Han Liow, Suan Cheng Chuah, Shiro Kambe and Roslan Abd-ShukorVol.2019:061 
The Effect of Leader-Member Exchange on Organizational Commitment - Yip Foon Yee, Khishar Muhammad bin Mohd Faizal Segaran Vol.2019:062 
The Impact of Social Media Marketing - Study from Malaysia Perspective - Kumarashvari Subramaniam, Nasreen Khan Vol.2019:063 
Physical Activity Level of White Collar Office Workers in Penang, Malaysia - Veronica Seow Wan Ying, Thirumalaya Balaraman Vol.2019:064 
A Review on Western and Chinese Organization Culture: Similarities and Differences - Jing Chun Qi, Kar Ling LeeVol.2019:065 
Factors Contributing Towards Slow Adoption of Information Technology (IT): A Literature Review - Nik Fatma Arisya Nik Yahya, Dr Mazura Mahdzir, Dr Sharifah Mazlina Syed KhuzzanVol.2019:066 
Professional Employees: Are They Not Vulnerable? - Nazruzila Razniza Mohd Nadzri, Ong Tze Chin, Kalaveny KanagasingamVol.2019:067