Volume 2019

Investigation of AISI Steel Vickers Hardness and Nitrogen Ion Beam Energy of a 3 kJ Plasma Focus - Arwinder Singh, Teh Thiam Oun, Manmeshpal Singh, Saw Sor Heoh, Lee SingVol.2019:009
Assessing the BM Software Application in Quantity Surveying Practice - Nurul Aini Osman, Suhaida S.K., Nadeera Abdul RazakVol.2019:010
Factors Affecting the Selection of the Procurement Methods for Construction Projects in Malaysia - Yap Zhi Shan, Kong Sio Kah, Benny Lee Hai ChimVol.2019:011
Perceptions of Female Adolescents on Job as Skilled Labour in the Construction Industry of Malaysia - Masidah Abdul Majid, Wardah Fatimah Mohammad Yusoff, Abdul Razak Sapian Vol.2019:012
Design and Development of a 2 Degree of Freedom 3D Printed Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm to Sustain High Load for Amputees - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Sunder Raj a/l Sundara Murthy, Choo Wou Onn, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:013
A Study on the Development of the Make-shift Heat Pump for Refugee Camp: A Case Study of Borneo State, Nigeria - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Vinod Krishnan a/l K Arvindra Dass, Hazran Husain, Choo Wou Onn, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:014 
Study on Heat-Induced-Shape-Shifting-Memory Alloy on Motorcycle Body Panel - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Esmail Rageh Saad Al-Jaberi, Usman Shahid, Muhammad Hussain Ismail, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:015 
A Study on Slot Design of Motorcycle Windshield to Improve Aerodynamic Features - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Tang Peng Rhu, Rizal Effendy Mohd Nasir, Hazran Husain, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:016
The Development of an Aftermarket Intercooler Spray for Turbocharged Vehicles using Water - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Sathurshan Suresh, Shaheerthana Suresh, Yuli Panca Asmara, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:017 
Power Generation from Industrial Wastewater using Microbial Fuel Cell - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Muhammad Bilal Chaudhry, Baveendra Kumar a/l Premakumar, Gerald Victor Richard Joseph, Girma Tadesse Chala Vol.2019:018 
Design and Analysis of the Suspension Upright Structure of a Formula SAE CCar - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Vong Ratanakvisal, Lim Jin Wei, Amir Radzi Ab.Ghani, Girma Tadesse ChalaVol.2019:019
A Short Review on Factors that Impact the Backpressure of Exhaust Manifold of Spark Ignition Engine - Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Rishan Murali, Lim Jin Wei, Mohd Amir Shazwan Hashim, Girma Tadesse Chala, Chai Chuan Ern Vol.2019:020
Capturing the Fire Whirls Heights and Rotational Speed by High Speed Camera - Chuah Keng Hoo, Wang Xiao Meng, Yap Neng Yi, Cheong Shi WeiVol.2019:021
Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Associated Risk Factors among Selected Factory Workers in Penang, Malaysia - Lim Mei Qi, Vinodhkumar Ramalingam Vol.2019:022
Prevalence of Overweight and Associated Risk Factors in Primary School Children in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan - Kimberly Yong Wen Min, Ambusam Subramaniam, Sivaguru Muthusamy, Vinosh Kumar PurushothamanVol.2019:023 
Prevalence of Work-Related Neck and Shoulder Disorders with Associated Risk Factors and Disability among Primary School Teachers in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia - Kee, W.J., Ambusuam S., Labao, H.C. and Brown, J. Vol.2019:024 
A review on the Herbs combination for phlegm disease treatment according to Dan Xi Xin Fa - Leong Wen Jun, Leong May Ho, Heng Aik Teng, Wong Ling ShingVol.2019:025
Digital Physiotherapy Intervention in Health Care Delivery– A Narrative Review - Rajkumar Krishnan Vasanthi, Yughdtheswari Muniandy, Kaanmalar AsoghanVol.2019:026
Vision System for Item Recognition: Case Study Computer Peripherals - Yap Choi Sen and Ong Tun JieVol.2019:027
Expert System of Heart Attack Prediction - Kayalvily A/P Tabianan, Chew Lian Wei, Deshinta Arrova DewiVol.2019:028
QR-code based E-wallet System using Android platform - Kayalvily A/P Tabianan, Siti Qalillah Adawiah Binti Abdul Rahman, Dr.Deshinta Arrova DewiVol.2019:029 
Monitoring Unusual Activity Using Remote-Controlled Computer and Android Based Application - Chitra Batumalai, Raheel Jilani and Malathy BatumalayVol.2019:030 
Smart Lighting System for Library Using IoT Technology - Chitra Batumalai, Xin Rou Kong, Malathy Batumalay    Vol.2019:031 
Mobile-Based Digital Car Plate Number for Future Automotive Industry - Malathy Batumalay, Linesh Raj Kumar Chandran, Chitra Batumalai, Deshinta Arrova DewiVol.2019:032
Study and Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) Based on Rainwater Sensor Using Arduino through Mobile Application - Malathy Batumalay, Rubinyaa a/p Sekar, Chitra BatumalaiVol.2019:033
A Review of Data Analytics Adoption in Business Industry - Chong Fong Kim and Deshinta Arrova DewiVol.2019:034 
Implementation of Pharmaceutical Drug Traceability Using Blockchain Technology - Mohana Muniandy and Gabriel Ong Tze Ern Vol.2019:035
Study and Implementation of Data Mining in Urban Gardening - Muhana Muniandy and Lee Eu VernVol.2019:036
Cross-Platform Personal Life Management App Using Data Analytics - Mohana Muniandy and Alex Heng Kong YewVol.2019:037 
Integrated Car Park System for Smart Parking Solution - Harprith Kaur Randhawa, Deshinta Arrova Dewi and Nirmal Kumar KarmaniVol.2019:038
The Characterizations and Studies of Chemical Bath Deposited Ni3Pb2S2 Thin Films for Solar Cell - Ho Soon MinVol.2019:039
Pollutants Removal from Contaminated Water using Agricultural Tea Waste (Camellia Sinensis) -  Wen-Pei Low, Fung-Lung Chang, Jia-Min SiowVol.2019:040
The Impacts of Integrating Real World Employer-Relations Project in the Classroom Activities and Assessments: A Case Study - Intan Syafinaz Mohmad Rozee, Nadia Athirah JamaludinVol.2019:041
Factors affecting the Staff Turnover Intention: A Case study of a Malaysian Steel Manufacturing Company - Alex Hou Hong Ng, Woo Wing Nan, Lim Kim Yew, Wong Chee HooVol.2019:042
The Tourist Satisfaction Based On The Service Quality Of Tourism In Guizhou, China - Lim Kim Yew, Gong Wen, Wong Chee Foo, Alex Hou Hong Ng, Jia Simeng, Tan Owee KowangVol.2019:043
Social Media Factors and Purchase Intention of Beauty Products in Mauritius - Lim Kim Yew, Maysoon Hanaa Mohamodhossen, Wong Chee Hoo, Alex Hou Hong Ng, Tan Owee KowangVol.2019:044
Local Films or Hollywood Films: Malaysian's Preferences - Sriganeshvarun Nagaraj, Abdul Aziz Bin Mohd Mustafa Vol.2019:045
Impact Of Work Experience, Interpersonal Relationship And Employee’s Capability On Work Stress Of Industrial Bank’s Employees In Zhengzhou, China - Yu-Jie XU, Dr.Syarifah Mastura Bt. Syed Abu BakarVol.2019:046
The Influence of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Retention in the Insurance Sector, Malaysia - Liew Xing, Syriac Nellikunnel DevasiaVol.2019:047
Acceptance of WeChat Pay among Consumers in Malaysia - Chua Jia Jia, Annie Wang Pei LingVol.2019:048
A Study of Fall from Height Accidents in High-rise Building Construction Sites in Selangor - Benny Lee Hai Chim, Liaw Zhi Ying and Kong Sio KahVol.2019:049
Investigation on Viability of Solar Panel Covered Carpark Project for Inti International University - Chih Yong Tan, Seyed Amirmostafa Jourabchi, Ng Hoon Kiat, Gan SuyinVol.2019:050
Investigation on transforming of a fixed gas analyser into a Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) - Choe Sathit, Seyed Amirmostafa Jourabchi, Ng Hoon Kiat, Gan SuyinVol.2019:051
Cost Overrun in Construction Projects in Malaysia: A Study on Contractor Related Factors - Norul Izzati M. Ashaari, Mohd Amir Shazwan Hashim, Yong Sheve HueyVol.2019:052 
The Effects of Dysmenorrhea to Lifestyle: A Case Study on Female Students in Malaysia - Chong Teek Foh, Ser Xin Ee, Ooi Lay Khuan, Wong Ling ShingVol.2019:053
Public Perception on the Risk of Diabetes Mellitus and the use of Mulberry Leaf Extract in Normalizing Blood Glucose Level - Nurul Syameera Aduka and Seng Yan NiVol.2019:054 
Predicting Temperature of Corrosion Scale Formation Carbon Steel in Oil and Gas Environment - Y.P.Asmara, Jeya Gopi Raman, A.G.E.SutjiptoVol.2019:055
The Strategic Elements and Performance of Chinese Publicly Listed Automotive Manufacturers: A Proposed Conceptual Framework - Fu Shanliang, Alex Ng Hou Hong, Lim Kim Yew, Wong Chee HooVol.2019:056
Factors Influencing Customer's Satisfaction towards Broadband Services - Li Dawei, Wong Chee Hoo, Lim Kim Yew, Alex Hou Hong NgVol.2019:057
Effect of Parathion Exposure Towards Green Microalgae Chlorella Vulgaris on the Changes of Physicochemical Parameters in Water - Cheng Wan Hee, Wong Ling Shing and Chong Kah ChiVol.2019:058
Antibacterial Effects of the Ethanolic Leave Extracts of Musa Paradisiaca, Musa Acuminata and Musa Sapientum against MRSE and MSSE-  Virusha Nimalan, Lalita Ambigai Sivasamugham, Geetha SubramaniamVol.2019:059
Antimicrobial Properties of Essential Oil Extracted from Azadirachta Indica Leaves on Common Skin Pathogens - Geetha Subramaniam, Nur Husnina Bazilah Rafeny and Lalita Ambigai SivasamughamVol.2019:060
Hole Concentration in GdBaSrCu­3-xZnxO7-δ System: Interplay among Superconductivity, Stripe Order and Pseudogap - Tet Vui Chong, Chiew Han Liow, Suan Cheng Chuah, Shiro Kambe and Roslan Abd-ShukorVol.2019:061 
The Effect of Leader-Member Exchange on Organizational Commitment - Yip Foon Yee, Khishar Muhammad bin Mohd Faizal Segaran Vol.2019:062 
The Impact of Social Media Marketing - Study from Malaysia Perspective - Kumarashvari Subramaniam, Nasreen Khan Vol.2019:063 
Physical Activity Level of White Collar Office Workers in Penang, Malaysia - Veronica Seow Wan Ying, Thirumalaya Balaraman Vol.2019:064 
A Review on Western and Chinese Organization Culture: Similarities and Differences - Jing Chun Qi, Kar Ling LeeVol.2019:065 
Factors Contributing Towards Slow Adoption of Information Technology (IT): A Literature Review - Nik Fatma Arisya Nik Yahya, Dr Mazura Mahdzir, Dr Sharifah Mazlina Syed KhuzzanVol.2019:066 
Professional Employees: Are They Not Vulnerable? - Nazruzila Razniza Mohd Nadzri, Ong Tze Chin, Kalaveny KanagasingamVol.2019:067