The Effects of Dysmenorrhea to Lifestyle: A Case Study on Female Students in Malaysia


Teek Foh Chong1*, Xin Ee Ser1, Lay Khuan Ooi1, Ling Shing Wong1


1Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, INTI International University,

Persiaran Perdana BBN, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


Corresponding author:

Abstract:A survey was carried out in 2017, to analyze the occurrence of dysmenorrhea among female students. A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted on 201 female subjects, with the questionnaire contained the general information of the participants and questions related to menstruation. The survey were conducted through face-to-face and online approaches. The results indicated that the occurrence of dysmenorrhea among female students was 80 %, with majority of them had biased body constitution. The top three biased constitutions in the dysmenorrhea group were qi deficiency constitution, qi stagnation constitution and yin deficiency constitution. The main trigger factors to the occurrence of dysmenorrhea and causing the severity of dysmenorrhea were the stress and dietary biased.

KeywordsDysmenorrhea, Menstruation, Chinese medicine constitution, Healthcare