Academic research and development are proceeding at a rapid pace. New knowledge is generated in different fields such as in business, management, marketing, finance, sciences, technology, engineering, languages and liberal arts, in the matter of seconds. Thus we position INTI Journal as a multi-disciplinary journal, to serves as a platform to publish new findings for academicians and researchers through research and review papers.

I sincerely hope that this journal will induce the sparks of creativity and innovation in research, at the same time contribute to the improvement of our academic and administrative services.

On behalf of our editorial team, I welcome researchers, academicians, lecturers and administrators at all levels to contribute and publish your works in INTI Journal. We will review all manuscript submitted according to the highest publication standards.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite experts around the world to join our Technical Board. Please feel free to contact our Editor-in-Chief.

Professor Dr. Wong Ling Shing