Building Information Modelling (Bim) In Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Within Malaysian Construction Sector: Implementation, Barriers, And Solutions V2,2018(1)
Awareness Study of Passive Ventilation System in Office BuildingsV2,2018(2)
Cost Issue: Key Limiting Factor That Affects IBS Application in Malaysian Construction IndustryV2,2018(3)   
Financial Barriers in Achieving CIDB IBS Roadmap in Malaysia Private Sector Construction IndustryV2,2018(4)
Effectiveness Of Construction Industry Payment And Adjudication Act (CIPAA) In Remedying Payment Issues Among Sub-ContractorsV2,2018(5)
A Study of Factors affecting the Labour Productivity of construction projects in SarawakV2,2018(6)
The Application of Measurement Software by Quantity Surveying Firms in Klang ValleyV2,2018(7)
Foreign Workers Reduction in Malaysian Construction IndustryV2,2018(8)
Value Management As a Cost Control Approach to Improve Project with Value for Money During Design StageV2,2018(9) 
A Study on Factors Affecting the Implementation of Industrialized Building System (IBS) On High-Rise Construction in Developing Regions of Malaysia    V2, 2018 (10)


Science & Technology

A Study on the Fabrication of a Textured Cutting Tool using a Plasma Focus MachineV1,2018 (1)
Performance of Pervious Concrete Containing Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) FibresV1,2018 (2)
Accidents in Construction Sites: A Study on the Causes and Preventive Approaches to Mitigate Accident RateV1,2018 (3) 
A Review on Diaphoresis Method in Traditional Chinese Medicine- An Alternative Treatment to Modern DiseasesV1,2018 (4)
Alternative Substrate for Hypsizygus tessellatus CultivationV1,2018 (5)
Development of a Fall Risk Assessment Smartphone ApplicationV1,2018 (6)
Toxic Effects in Gaster of Rhizoma Coptidis (Huang Lian) Treated Mice using Histology TechniqueV1,2018 (7)
The Air and Sound Pollution Monitoring System using Internet of Things and Cloud Based Data AnalysisV1,2018 (8)
Study on Wireless Network and Restrictive Approaches to Enhance the Data SecurityV1,2018 (9)
Study and Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) Based Vehicle Safety Alert and Tracking SystemV1,2018 (10)    
Effectiveness of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Construction Site        V1,2018 (12)
A Comparison on Shear Performance of Pad Foundation Using BS8110, EC2 and ACI318V1,2018 (13)
Study and Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) Based Forest Fire Automation System to Detect and Prevent WildfireV1,2018 (15)
Study on Security Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) in Cloud Environment    V1,2018 (16)
Time Planning Application with Voice Recognition to Assist Procrastinators in Managing TimeV1,2018 (17)
Development of Cloud-Based Media Player using Microsoft Azure ServicesV1,2018 (24)
A Prototype of Hotel Management System with a Secured Graphical Password to Avoid Shoulder Surfing Attack       V1,2018 (25)
A Prototype of Storm Water Channel IoT (SWCI) to Prevent Flood Damage in MalaysiaV1,2018 (26)
Study and Development of Early Childhood Educational Using Learning Interactive Strategy Based on 2D-AnimationV1,2018 (27) 
Intelligent Agent Technology for Cellular-Assisted GPS Positioning Using Bayesian and Self-Organizing Map ApproachesV1,2018 (28)

Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Preparing Leadership, Innovation and Change for 21st Century: Lessons from National Professional BodiesV1,2018 (11)
A Review Paper on Last Mile Logistics Operation Design, Challenges and Opportunities in Malaysia    V1,2018 (18) 
Adoption of CSR for Sustainable Development in the Nigerian Banking Sector: An Empirical StudyV1,2018 (19)
University Students' Competencies and Character Qualities Developed in Design ThinkingV1,2018 (20)
A Study on Consumer Recycling Behaviour on Solid Waste in Nilai    V1,2018 (21)
A Study on Factors Influencing the Adaptation of Private Labels in Organized Retail Branding Among MalaysiansV1,2018 (22)
Promoting Critical Thinking Through the Picha Project - Students' ExperienceV1,2018 (23)
Understanding Students' Perception of Quality Lab Learning Experience: An Analysis from the Qualitative ApproachV1,2018 (29)
The Assurance Services of Sustainability Reporting: Preliminary Evidence from a Developing Country    V1,2018 (30) 
Influence of Materialism, Social Status Display and Brand Consciousness on Status Consumption Among Working Women in Klang ValleyV1,2018 (31)
Cooperative Learning Through BlackBoard: Students' Perceptions on Teamwork and Soft Skills Required to Manage an Event - A Case Study of The Edventure of AladdinV1,2018 (32)
A Conceptual Paper on Factors That Affect Intention of Gap YearV1,2018 (33)
Does Bank Size Matters? A Pre and Post-Merger Productivity Analysis in Malaysian Financial Institutions Using DEA and Malmquist IndexV1,2018 (34) 
Interdependence Between Agricultural Futures: Evidence from Malaysian Physical CPO and CBOT Futures    V1,2018 (35)
Factors Leading to Customer Loyalty in the Domestic Banks in Malaysia - A Perspective from the Social Networking SitesV1,2018 (36)
Employee Retention Factors in the Energy Sector in Klang Valley, MalaysiaV1,2018 (37)
Job Satisfaction Among Gen Y in Selangor, MalaysiaV1,2018 (38)
Social Media and the Service Quality of Higher Education ProvidersV1,2018 (39) 
Innovative Packaging Attributes and Customer Purchase Intention in Snack FoodsV1,2018 (40)
Developing Workplace Skills via Employer ProjectsV1,2018 (41)
The Relationship Between the Distance from University and the Participation of INTI International University StudentsV1,2018 (42) 
Mapping Skills Assessment Through Skills Bio-Chart Data AnalyticsV1,2018 (43) 
Contribution of Performance Management System to Myanmar Corporate PerformanceV1,2018 (44)